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Email Scam Alert

If you receive an email asking you to revalidate your mailbox or informing you that your quota has been exceeded, delete it. CCSNH will never contact you via email, text message, phone, etc to validate your college issued email account. Receiving a message like this is always a SCAM and should be deleted and/or reported to your local IT staff at your college. Replying to a scam can compromise your private information. Most importantly, you should never give your password out to anyone. No CCSNH Staff will ever ask you for your password. NEVER enter your username and password into a web page that is not an officially recognized CCSNH affiliated page. When in doubt, contact your local IT staff.

If you feel you have been scammed or have any questions. Please contact your college's Helpdesk.

Great Bay: http://www.greatbay.edu/helpdesk
Lakes Region: lrccitdept@ccsnh.edu
Manchester: manchesterit@ccsnh.edu
Nashua: ncchelp@ccsnh.edu
NHTI: nhtihelpdesk@ccsnh.edu
River Valley: joperron@ccsnh.edu
White Mountain: dweeks@ccsnh.edu